Kamis, 01 Oktober 2015

Who doesn't like fishing?

Hi, all!

Another kids' favorite is fishing game. When my kid was in kindergarten, he had to prepare a show and tell about magnet. I made him this simple game to show the class how magnet works. It was a blast for the class, they couldn't wait for their turn to play fishing!

And how to make this cute fish? Easy!
1. Print the template.

2. Use it to trim colorful cardboard : 1 pc for the fish, and 2 pcs for the body.
3. I use a circle shaped paper punch to make the fish scales.
4. Glue the scales, overlapping each other. 
5. Trim the scales to form the body shape. 
6. Repeat these step one more time, and glue the bodies to both side of the fish. 
7. Draw the eyes and put a paperclip for the mouth.

A toy fishing rod usually have a magnet at the end of the fishing line. If you have one, you can use it for this game. If not, you can make the rod using a magnet (I used a round magnet), tied it to a yarn (I used a circle sticker to make the yarn stick to the magnet), and tied the yarn to a chopstick or straw for the handle.

If you don't have time for the preparation, contact me for a DIY package.

Happy crafting, and enjoy the game!
~ TLF ~

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